• Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez may have signed a prenup, but he still expects a generous payout from their divorce. The amount has not been specified yet.
  • Ariana requested spousal support in accordance with the prenup, while Dalton's filing didn't mention a specific figure.
  • Court documents reveal Ariana's request for jewelry and personal effects, as well as separate property recognition. Both parties are expected to pay their own legal fees.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez may have signed a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle in 2021, but it appears he’s still expecting to get a generous payout from their ongoing divorce.

According to various reports, Dalton mentioned support in his court filing, which he submitted earlier this month after Ariana filed hers first. Interestingly, Dalton didn’t name a figure for how much he wants or expects, but indicated the matter can be decided at a later court date.

In her request, Ariana also mentioned spousal support, but asked that it be decided in a manner according to their prenup.

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Court documents filed on September 18 in Los Angeles also revealed that Ariana is requesting "miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects," and that income, profits, and assets acquired before, during, and after their marriage be legally recognized as separate property. The former Victorious star also asked that her and Dalton’s legal fees be paid by both of them.

Thanks to her decades in the entertainment industry, Ariana Grande’s net worth continues to grow and is currently valued at $240 million.

Considering he’s not a celebrity, Dalton has an impressive personal fortune himself at $20 million, which he’s mostly made working in real estate. But considering how it pales in comparison to Ariana’s, it’s possible the pop star may have to pay a significant chunk of money in the form of spousal support.

TMZ previously reported that Ariana will likely lose money in the divorce, despite having a prenup in place.

“As we first told you, even though there's a prenup in place, Ariana will still cut Dalton some sort of cash check ... but it won't be a crazy amount,” the outlet noted, declining to provide a dollar amount. However, TMZ emphasizes that Dalton and Ariana’s split remains amicable, despite the drama leading up to it.

Although Ariana and Dalton remain married, that hasn't prevented the musician from moving in with her new companion, Ethan Slater, who is currently going through a divorce from his spouse, Lilly Jay. In July, reports surfaced that Ariana had begun a romantic relationship with her Wicked co-star, Ethan, despite his wife having recently given birth to their child.

However, the couple began receiving criticism for the timing of their relationship, with many individuals labeling Ariana a cheater. Ariana decided to end their relationship a few weeks later, probably in response to the scrutiny surrounding the timing of their love affair.

Nevertheless, with reports that Ariana and Ethan are living together (and her divorce underway), it appears the new couple are back on and stronger than ever.