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Leena is a writer and editor that has a passion for life and keeps her finger on the pulse of current news and events. Her spare time is spent anywhere the sun happens to be shining.

How Nicole 'Coco' Austin Built Her Fortune

Coco Austin wisely used her fame to become a multi millionaire.

10 Ways Tristan Thompson Earns And Spends His Millions

Former NBA stars Tristan Thompson is usually in the limelight and for the right reasons.

A Look At 'Deep Water' Star Ben Affleck's Car Collection

Ben Affleck boasts a versatile garage unlike anyone else in Hollywood.

Inside Mark Zuckerberg's $37 Million Five-House Estate In Palo Alto

Mark Zuckerberg five-estate house in Palo Alto is just one of the billionaire's many properties.

8 Ways Jennifer Garner Earns And Spends Her Millions

'The Adam Project' star Jennifer Garner has worked her way to the very top of Hollywood.

A Look Back At The Career Of Brent Renaud

Brent Renaud achieved a lot in his career at a relatively young age.

Peaky Blinder: A Look At Finn Cole's Rise To Fame and Fortune

Finn Cole has amassed extraordinary fame and fortune with his brilliant acting skills.

10 Celebrities Who Hustle Rigorously To Grow Their Already Enormous Fortune

Even when celebrities have it all, the hustle seldom stops.

An Overview Of The Wendy Williams Show And How It Boosted The Star's Career

Wendy Williams has risen to fame in the entertainment industry, but not in the typical fashion.

Everything We Know About Kanye West’s Star-Studded ‘Donda 2’ Listening Party

Kanye West's 'Donda 2' listening party was a star-studded affair.

The Rise And Fall Of Wendy Williams, And Her $20 Million Fortune

The rise and fall of her career is a rollercoaster ride that has seen the highest highs and lowest lows that fame can bring.

14 Celebrities That Mint Millions Despite Battling Health Issues

Battling with severe diseases cannot stop one from achieving their dreams.

A Glance At Kanye West's Diverse Real Estate Portfolio

Among other things, Kanye West invests his billions in buying prime real estate worldwide.

Everything We Know About The Season 6 Of 'Peaky Blinders'

'Peaky Blinders' fans across the globe are clamoring to learn more about the whereabouts of Tommy Shelby and co.

From His Last $11 To A $80 Million Fortune: The Matt LeBlanc Story

Matt LeBlanc's life completely turned upside down after he landed the role of Joey Tribbiani on TV show 'Friends'.

Strangeness Personified: 10 Celebrities That Have Super Strange Habits

Having millions in the bank does not necessarily change one's eccentric habits.

9 Ways In Which Pete Davidson Earns And Spends His Fortune

SNL star Pete Davidson spends his millions generously to live a lavish life.

How Lisa Kudrow Rose To Fame As One Of The World's Favorite 'Friends'

Lisa Kudrow rose to fame in Hollywood after landing the iconic role of Phoebe Buffay in TV show 'Friends'.

The King Of Sarcasm: A Glance At Matthew Perry's Journey To His $120 Million Fortune

The master of sarcasm, Matthew Perry has gone through several ups and downs in his long-lasting career.

9 Ways Seth Rogen Earns And Spends His Multi-Million-Dollar Fortune

Seth Rogen has become one of the most recognizable faces in stand-up comedy over the years,

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