Katy Perry just launched a colorful array of shoes on Amazon. Earlier this week, the American Idol judge hosted a live Q&A on the online shopping website while promoting her bags. She said that her line is all about “boldness, conversation, and color.”

“Our motto is 'Stop traffic and start conversations,’” she said.

And that’s exactly what you will get from Perry’s fashionable line that ranges from Egyptian-inspired Geli flat sandals to her sparkling watermelon slides. All the products from her collection are priced below $100. And each pair is perfect for specific types of occasions.

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For instance, Perry described her Star-heeled sandal as the perfect pair of shoes for wedding guests.

“You don't want to steal the show necessarily, but why not go all out since we've been dressing in sweats? I love this shoe. I love a little PVC and a unique-shaped heel. I like PVC because I'm interested in elongating my leg and that's what this see-through [fabric] does,” she said.

The “Roar” singer also explained that this pair, in particular, is based on a little art deco Hollywood style.

For those who are after style and comfort, the Kerry Sneaker could be the top choice. According to Perry, this pair is all about comfort and pizazz.

The black slip-on shoes with a white thick sole are also designed with one huge daisy on top. And the daisy is adorned with crystals.

“Just so you know, I'm really particular about the crystals and stuff,” she said. Perry also guarantees that the crystals won’t fall off with every wash.

During her live Q&A on Amazon, Perry also seemingly threw a shade at another shoe brand that she refused to name. Since she’s a new mom, the singer said that she’s truly after comfort these days.

“I won’t name names, but there is a shoe designer, who is male, and supposedly their shoes are not comfortable, and supposedly they said something like heels let women stand in place and enjoy the scenery a little more. “We don’t have time to enjoy the scenery! We create the scenery!” she said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is possible that Perry is referring to the high-end shoe designer, Christian Louboutin.

But even without the shade, Perry’s fans known as Katy Kats will definitely support her latest venture. And her line’s success will surely add more to the singer’s $330 million net worth.

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