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If you're a fan of pop music, then you've no doubt heard of Katy Perry, one of the biggest selling acts of the mid 2000s music industry. The star has created countless smash hit singles, memorable performances, and a unique image to accompany her onstage persona.

If you wonder what Perry does to achieve that high level of success, you aren't alone! Though her initial upbringing and early stages of her career did not provide an easy platform to stardom, she nonetheless persisted until she signed a coveted deal with Capitol Records in 2007. Her time in the spotlight has not been without hardship, but Perry has been able to cope with life's challenges to create a lasting and successful career.

Scroll to see the steps that Katy has taken to ensure her lasting success in the music industry!

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She Started Early

Katy Perry was not an instant superstar, but her love of performance and music-based pursuits began when she was young. She took vocal lessons at age 9 and got her first guitar at age 13, which allowed her to perform the songs she wrote.

At age 15, Perry dropped out of school to focus on her career in music, eventually obtaining her GED and moving to Los Angeles. Though success came a few years after, it definitely didn't hurt that Perry was able to take a few years to hone her craft before hitting it big.

She Stays Confident

Katy Perry is confident in her ability, her style, and her talent. If you examine the manner in which she conducts herself on stage, with fans, and in the public eye, it's easy to see that she projects confidence, even if she sometimes slips up.

One of Perry's most popular inspirational quotes relates to this trait. She says, "If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything." Even if you're not perfect, the more you believe in yourself, the bigger chance you have to succeed!

She Admits Her Mistakes

Katy Perry is not without controversy, but she has been able to acknowledge her missteps with grace. When accused of cultural appropriation for dressing as a geisha at the 2013 American Music Awards and wearing cornrows in the 2014 video for "This Is How We Do," she apologized for the incidents in a 2017 interview.

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More recently, she has buried the hatchet with fellow pop star Taylor Swift, with whom she had been on poor terms with for a few years. Though everyone makes mistakes, it is important to first realize the wrongdoing, and then learn from it in the future. Hopefully, Perry has done both!

She Stays Optimistic

Besides the hardships of being a star, Perry has also experienced hardships in her personal life as well. Though her first marriage to comedian Russell Brand did not work out, Perry kept up the effort and tried to maintain her relationship by flying back and forth to see Brand.

It was a period of great loss and sadness for the pop star, but as we can see from her hit single "Roar," she was able to rebound from the low point due to her positive outlook on life.

She Constantly Reinvents Herself

Perry is not afraid to experiment with her sound, constantly reinventing her music while still maintaining the originality that makes her a great artist! From her large-label debut One of the Boys to the smash hits Teenage Dream and Prism, Perry has gradually shifted her sound in order to align with her changing interests and style.

She is known for making light pop songs, but is not afraid to take risks on songs like "E.T." and "Dark Horse." She is also prone to writing emotionally charged tracks like "Unconditionally" and "The One That Got Away."

She Takes On New Opportunities

We know Katy the pop star, but was America ready for her to take on the world of television? Perry reinvented herself as a star when she took on judging duties in the popular ABC reboot of American Idol, sharing the stage with the likes of Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie.

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On the back of the less-than-stellar critical reception of her latest album, Perry was able to change the public narrative by reinvigorating her career, giving herself the boost she needed to take on her next project!

She Puts On A Show

As evidenced by her 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Katy Perry knows how to conquer live performance. From detailed backdrops, props, and performance routines, Perry and her backup dancers work hard to deliver a memorable show that is uniquely Katy Perry.

Like her music videos, Perry sticks to a theme that resonates throughout the performance, usually correlating to the song she has chosen to perform. Her voice is heightened by her showmanship and ability to work the crowd, a talent she has acquired from many years in the business.

She Stays True To Herself

As a young girl, Perry was raised in a very conservative, strict household. This meant no pop music, secular media, or outside influence. Even though she was coaxed into making a gospel album by her parents after learning to play the guitar, Perry eventually decided to take her career into her own hands.

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She moved to Los Angeles when she was just 17, eager to begin a career in pop music. Though the road to success was initially tough, Perry stayed true to herself and her own vision and didn't let her sound be affected by her past life.

She Created Her Own Brand

Katy Perry has a signature style and aesthetic that defines her as an artist. You can probably see it when you look at her album covers or her videos--her outfits are colorful, bright, and daring. She loves themed garb and performance props and goes all out on her live shows.

Perry has created a persona, or rather, a brand, for herself that represents her point of view, setting her apart from other successful pop stars. Her herd of Katy Cats are die-hard fans that support her endeavors because they believe in her wholeheartedly!

She Never Gave Up

You might not be able to tell, seeing as she's a superstar today, but Katy Perry was faced with constant hardship during the first few years of her career. Upon the release of her first album of gospel songs, her record label went bankrupt, leading to poor album sales.

After moving to Los Angeles to make it on her own, Perry struggled to pay bills and maintain a stable record deal. Three more deals fell through before she finally hit it big time with Capitol, which ultimately propelled her to success.

Throughout this time, Perry never lost sight of success and kept her dreams alive, even if they probably seemed quite far away. Now, she is one of the most famous pop stars of our time!

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