• Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker threw an extravagant Disney-themed baby shower, complete with a barbershop quartet, Disney-themed food, and a pool adorned with balloons.
  • The event attracted controversy, with Malibu's mayor accusing Kourtney of committing fraud by lying on her permit application. The mayor believes the event was a front for her wellness brand, Poosh.
  • While it's unclear how much the event cost, Kourtney's net worth of $65 million suggests she can afford a lavish party. Previous reports indicate that the Kardashian-Jenners easily spend six figures on parties.

Kourtney Kardashian is weeks away from welcoming her fourth child, which will be her first baby with her new husband Travis Barker. The couple celebrated their impending arrival with a Disney-themed baby shower over the weekend, and they went all-out.

The Lemme founder hosted the extravaganza at her $9 million mansion, but she had it tastefully decorates for the event, so her home was barely recognizable in the photos and videos.

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On her Instagram Story, Kourtney documented the party's entrance, which boasted a barbershop quartet serenading the guests and provided Mickey Mouse ear hats for everyone to wear. There were also signs celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby Barker.

She also showcased some of the Disney-themed culinary delights at her baby's celebration, including pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, as well as pretzels, cookies, and beverages like baby Barker matcha and coffee. The reality star even her expansive pool adorned with numerous balloons, and a serene corner featured a wishing tree for those who wished to express their hopes for her baby-on-the-way.

It’s unclear how much the event cost Kourtney, but it wasn’t without controversy. Taking to Facebook, Malibu’s mayor accused the Poosh founder of committing “fraud” by lying on her permit application.

Apparently, while Kourtney said the event would be a private baby shower, the mayor believes it was a front for an event for her wellness brand, Poosh, and claims more guests arrived than the permit allowed for. Though the mayor called for an investigation, it’s unclear if anything is coming from the scandal. Kourtney and Travis haven’t directly commented on his accusations thus far.

Kourtney Kardashian’s net worth is reportedly $65 million, so she can afford to drop big money on a one-time party, though it’s unclear how much she spent on her recent baby shower.

A previous report claims that the Kardashian-Jenners easily spend over six figures each time they throw a party for themselves of their children.

In a conversation with She Knows, event coordinator Richard O'Malley claimed that hiring a party planner for an event like the Kardashian’s infamous parties could run up to $50,000. Moreover, the party planner predicts it likely costs at least $10,000 for party favors, another $10,000 for a videographer, and approximately $45,000 for staff with experience in handling similar events.

Kourtney’s younger sister Kylie Jenner apparently spent $100,000 on her daughter’s Stormiworld celebration for her second birthday, so it’s not far-fetched to think Kourtney’ latest baby shower had a similar price tag.