• Angelina Jolie is launching Atelier Jolie, a fashion venture that includes tailoring services and a gallery space for local designers.
  • Despite her involvement in fashion, Jolie has no plans to personally engage in the design process, as her goal is to support and uplift other creatives.
  • Jolie's children, including her son Pax and daughter Zahara, have played significant roles in the brand's logo design and securing the location for the studio.

Angelina Jolie is getting her children involved as she prepares to foray into the fashion world with the launch of her new brand.

Speaking to Vogue this month, Angelina provided insight Atelier Jolie, her forthcoming fashion venture. The project will include a studio offering tailoring and upcycling services, along with a dedicated gallery space for local designers to exhibit their creations.

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Although Angelina is thrilled about aligning with like-minded creatives, he admits to having no plans personally engage in the design process. “I don’t want to be a big fashion designer. I want to build a house for other people to become that,” she explained of her mission.

“I’ve met a lot of artisans over the years—very capable, talented people—and I’d like to see them grow,” Angelina went on.

In the same interview, Angelina went on to credit several of her children for helping make the atelier a reality. The actress revealed her 19-year-old son, Pax, helped design the brand’s logo, which now adorns the doorways with a distinctive spray-painted flair.

Moreover, her eldest daughter, Zahara, 18, had also been helping launch Atelier Jolie while she jointly completes her studies at Spelman College in Atlanta. Angelina revealed that Zahara played a significant role in securing the location for the studio.

“I can be very impulsive, but Zahara is so grounded, decisive, and thoughtful,” the Maleficent actress explained. “When she agreed, I felt we were both decided.”

Atelier Jolie’s debut home will be in a famous Manhattan property – the last New York City apartment and studio of the renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

“I find it slightly funny that we are involved in fashion—I don’t think any one of us is overly ‘fashionable,’” Angelina continued to say of her children’s involvement. “But because we live in our clothes, it is so much a part of who we are, and something that’s important to explore, especially for young people.”

Atelier Jolie isn’t the only project Angelina has been involving her kids in. Earlier this month, the actress revealed her daughter, Vivienne, is working as an assistant on her Broadway adaption of The Outsiders.

The mom-of-six said she brought her youngest daughter onto the project after seeing how passionate she is about the performing arts, a hint that Vivienne may be following in her famous parents’ footsteps.

Angelina isn’t the only one to dive into the fashion industry in her family. Her ex-husband Brad Pitt launched a luxury cashmere line last year, aptly called God’s True Cashmere.