• Content creators had a great year in 2023, with estimates showing they were on track to earn $700 million, a 23% increase from the previous year.
  • The Forbes list of the 50 richest influencers and digital stars in 2023 showcased the success of content creators, with a combined 2.6 billion followers.
  • Mr. Beast, a YouTube megastar, claimed the top spot for the second year in a row, with an audience of over 312 million and earnings of $84 million in 2023.

Content creators are cleaning up in 2023 – as evidenced by a list of the 50 richest influencers and digital stars published by Forbes on September 26th. From elaborate staged events to makeup tutorials, it's a who's who of who hit it big in the "influencer and digital creator" space.

Overall, content creators had a great year in 2023. In a blog post published alongside the list, a Forbes blogger reported content creators were on track to earn $700 million in 2023, "up 23% from [2022]’s $570 million."

In total, content creators on the list boasted a "combined 2.6 billion followers," and the outlet ranked them on three metrics: "earning, entrepreneurship, and clout (follower and engagement ratio)."

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Forbes ranked a total of 50 content creators, with TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney ranked at number 50. Mulvaney's estimated earnings were around $2 million, and Forbes indicated that the "TikTok series documenting her [gender] transition journey" raked in over a billion views.

Moving up the list, fashion influencer and New York Times best-selling author Aimee Song came in at 41. With eight million followers and an estimated $4.7 million in earnings, Song "expanded from a blog to a clothing brand that sells dresses, skirts, and cardigans on Revolve," and collaborated with brands like Madewell, Burberry, and Tiffany & Co.

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Breakout TikTok makeup star Mikayla Noguiera claimed the 36th spot on the Forbes list, with an impressive audience of 17 million. Noguiera's earnings were estimated at $7 million, and she was acknowledged as "beauty influencer of the year" with a Streamy award.

Product reviewer Marques Brownlee ranked at number 32 in 2023 – the "only tech reviewer who has appeared on the hit digital show 'Hot Ones' and has his own signature shoe." Brownlee grew his audience to 29 million followers, with earnings estimated at $8.5 million.

Coming in at 25 was "Canadian heartthrob" Josh Richards, with an estimated following of 34 million. Richards' earnings were estimated at around $5 million, and the outlet counted Amazon Studios, Dr. Squatch, Calvin Klein, and Nestle among his many lucrative brand deals.

TikTok celebrity Addison Rae took the 23rd spot on the list, with a staggering estimated follower count of 142 million. Rae's earnings were estimated at $6 million – up a cool million since 2021 – and likelier than ever to multiply due to the release of her debut album in August.

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Another beauty influencer came in just ahead of Addison Rae – Bailey Sarian, whose iconic niche of crime and cosmetics (or makeup and murder) landed her at 22 on the list. In an apparent coincidence, Sarian had an estimated follower count of a spooky (or lucky) 13 million, as well as an estimated $13 million in earnings.

While Charli D'Amelio is well known for converting cachet into coins, her sister Dixie D'Amelio is catching up quickly. Dixie D'Amelio ranked at number 18 on the list, with 91 million followers, $11.5 million in estimated earnings, and a coterie of brand deals with Burberry, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren.

D'Amelio was one spot behind Ryan Koji at 17th – described by Forbes as "the titan of toys," who "achieved social media success at the age of 9 when his toy reviews and unboxing videos went viral." Koji has an estimated 36 million followers, and $35 million in earnings.

Khaby Lame almost cracked the top ten, clocking in at number eleven with a massive following of 242 million, and earnings estimated at $16.5 million. In addition to content creation, Lame makes money with brand deals for Hugo Boss and State Farm – and per Forbes, commands "$750,000 to feature a product in a TikTok and Instagram post."

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YouTube creator Emma Chamberlain ranked eighth on the list, with 28 million followers and $20 million in estimated earnings. According to the outlet, Chamberlain has worked with "Cartier, Lancome, Levi’s, Aritzia, and Canon," and her brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is available at Walmart.

Controversial creator Logan Paul was number six on the list, and is already well known for his extravagant lifestyle and YouTube infamy. Despite Paul's penchant for trouble, he maintains an audience of 74 million, and had earnings estimated at $21 million.

Comic duo Rhett & Link bested Paul at number four, with 32 million followers and a $35 million in estimated earnings. Their popular variety show "Good Mythical Morning" led to a media empire, Mythical, with more than 100 employees.

Jake Paul edged out his brother in claiming the third spot on the list; Forbes noted the "outrage cycle is no stranger" to the YouTuber. Despite "allegations of sexual misconduct, scamming fans, and most recently, an SEC charge for undisclosed cryptocurrency sponsorship," Jake Paul's follower count stood at 66 million – and his earnings were around $34 million.

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Olajide Olatunji (KSI) earned the coveted second spot on the list, launching his career back in 2009 with videos reacting to FIFA video games. Noting KSI was commonly embroiled in controversies (and "always turns the scandals into views,") his follower count of 112 million helped him make $24 million.

Finally, YouTube megastar Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) hit number one on the list for the second year running – as evidenced by his penchant for producing outstandingly expensive video content. Mr. Beast has staged a "real-life Squid Game," he has launched a bevy of businesses, and his media empire was valued at over $50 million in May 2022.

At the top of the list, Mr. Beast has an audience of over 312 million people – a figure closely rivaling the entire population of the United States in 2023. As for Donaldson's earnings, they stacked up to $84 million in 2023.