• Kim Kardashian wore a rare vintage Chanel necklace from the iconic 1995 Barbie collection in a promotional video, making it a showstopper of her look.
  • The same necklace also appeared in the "Barbie" movie worn by Margot Robbie, with some slight differences in design.
  • The necklace's value is unknown, but similar vintage Barbie Chanel jewelry has been sold for prices ranging from $2,500 to $6,500 in the past.

Kim Kardashian wore a very special accessory in a promotional video where she helped Usher reveal that he’ll be taking the stage at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The 42-year-old reality star sported a classic ensemble comprising a plain white T-shirt and jeans. But the real showstopper of her look was a vintage Chanel necklace from the renowned French fashion brand's iconic spring 1995 Barbie collection.

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Kim’s accessory is not only a rare discovery, in general, but also made a recent appearance on Margot Robbie in the highly-anticipated "Barbie" movie, which graced the big screens this summer. The famous necklace boasts a dazzling array of multicolored gemstones, gold double-C charms, and elegant teardrop-shaped pearls.

Viewers can spot the piece on Margot in the film shortly after she and her fellow Barbies hatch a plan to reclaim Barbie Land from the Kens. She arrives at Ken's flamboyant dojo casa, clad in her classic pink ensemble that features the nostalgic Chanel choker.

Notably, Robbie's rendition of the choker also boasts a strikingly large pink heart-shaped gemstone at its center, which is absent from Kim’s piece.

It's not clear how much the necklace is worth, but it likely set the SKIMS founder back a pretty penny. Various other vintage Barbie Chanel jewelry items have fetched prices ranging from $2,500 to $6,500 in the past.

Nevertheless, considering the exceptional rarity of the piece worn by Robbie (and now Kim) and its inclusion of several generously sized gemstones, it's highly probable that it’s valued at an even higher price.

This isn’t the first time Kim has been spotted wearing the choker. In August, while traveling in Japan, the reality star shared a series of the shopping finds she’d made on the trip. One selfie posted to her Instagram Story showed Kim posing at Vintage Ecoland, a vintage designer store known to be frequented by celebrity clientele.

The image showed Kim holding a bubblegum-pink quilted Chanel handbag adorned with the chunky necklace wrapped around the purse's handle. With her signature duck lips, Kim struck a pose for the camera, accompanied by a gentleman who seemed to be a store employee.

"OMG best shopping in Japan," she captioned the image. "I'm in my barbie bag at @vintage_ecoland."

It was clearly a big shopping trip for Kim, as not only was the necklace likely worth tens of thousands of dollars, but the pink Chanel bag likely would’ve had a high price, too, considering purses from the designers often retail for more than $10,000 when new.