• Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing a lawsuit from Dummy Vapes, who claim that rival company Fume tried to lure the rapper away with a $1 million offer.
  • Despite turning down Fume's offer, Fume allegedly then approached Tekashi's girlfriend with a $250,000 contract.
  • Dummy Vapes alleges that Tekashi withdrew from a promotional event due to directives from Fume, causing tension and leading to the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has found himself in the middle of another lawsuit, that’s threatening to ruin both his reputation and net worth.

According to recently filed court documents obtained by TMZ, the company associated with the rapper’s Dummy Vapes brand is expressing strong discontent with a rival company Specifically, they claim that their competitor Fume is attempting to lure away Tekashi with an appealing business deal.

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The lawsuit states that Dummy Vapes entered into a celebrity collaboration with Tekashi in February 2023, securing his exclusive endorsement for the company's vaping products.

Everything appeared to be running smoothly until June when Dummy Vapes claims it learned that Fume had reached out to Tekashi in an attempt to arrange a meeting with him. They claim Fume was trying to entice Tekashi to work for them with a $1 million offer.

Althoguh Tekashi turned down Fume’s offer, the company then allegedly turned their attention to the rapper’s girlfriend, Yailin la Mas Viral, by offering her a $250,000 contract.

Interestingly, Tekashi later embarked on a merchandise partnership with Fume in July 2023. This venture prominently featured his controversial "Shaka Laka" collaboration with Kodak Black and Yailin. Fume moreover released 14 distinct vape flavors, with some even bearing names like "Dummy Vapes by Fume,” a clear diss to its competitor and Tekashi’s original collaborator.

Dummy Vapes says that Tekashi eventually issued a public service announcement (PSA) in which he made it clear that he was unequivocally aligned with Team Dummy Vapes. He emphasized that his involvement with Fume was solely through his girlfriend's business arrangement.

However, tensions escalated when Dummy Vapes claimed that they had invested $60,000 to secure Tekashi's presence on a private jet, as he was set to promote the brand at an industry event in Las Vegas. However, the company was left in limbo when the rapper withdrew, citing directives from Fume as the reason.

In response, Dummy Vapes has initiated a lawsuit against Fume, alleging interference with their association with Tekashi, and is seeking unspecified damages.

While it doesn’t appear Tekashi is being named as a plaintiff in the case, so he may ne be liable for damages, his future revenue for brand deals could be disrupted, especially given the damage this situation has done to his reputation.

Tekashi 6is9ine’s net worth is reportedly $500,000, but he’s facing a myriad of legal problems. Last year, he faced a lawsuit by Fashion Nova for $350,000, and was also accused of ghosting his lawyers after failing to pay his legal bills.